Vinyl Shockley is the musical vehicle for Ed Shockley’s songwriting. A singing drummer is not usually the focal point of a band. Even Ed’s hero, Levon Helm, shared lead vocals with two other Band members. But in Vinyl Shockley, Ed put a band together that was built around his drumming, singing and songwriting. “I’ve had the good fortune of working with so many of my talented friends through the music of Vinyl Shockley”, Ed said in a recent interview. “ I can only control so much from behind the drums – the feel, the tempos and the dynamics – so I share the part of the music I can’t get my hands on with my friends. During the recording of the ‘vinyl shockley’ CD Ed and guitarist Kevin Walsh discover a writing chemistry that has produced many of the songs to come on the next two CD’s. Besides Ed, Kevin is the only constant through the bands 4 CD’s. On the second CD – Wild Hair – Ed is reunited with his friend and musical partner of many years – guitarist Keith Mack – who comes aboard to produce and add guitar to the recordings. This one was recorded at my friend Doug James’ studio. We had a ball with ProTools for the first time! The horns of Ken Tonge and Jon Fletcher are used even more on this CD and keyboardist Johnny Neel appears for the first time along with Larry Spider Webb Lynch on bass and Kenny “Milky Moonstone” Martin on piano. When we started ‘Keep Singing’ we had a new basic line-up. On bass is James MacMillan, Ed’s bandmate from Cries – who along with Keith Mack and Michael Shockley were signed to BMG records when they all lived in NYC. Johnny Neel was, again, on Wurly, Hammond and Grand Piano. The horns did their thing and Ritchie Rubini came aboard on keyboards, vocals and co-production. Kevin Walsh again plays the guitar and this time engineers and co-produces The latest CD, Vinyl Covers, features the line-up that has evolved over the intervening years with the addition of Ian Walsh on bass. The CD is comprised of the handful of non-originals that the band has pulled out at live shows over the years. Ritchie play more of a role in production and again the horns are joining in as well.