How about a CD of songs that Vinyl Shockley has snuck into their live shows over the last 15 years? Dearly loved chestnuts that reveal a little bit about time, place and context: from The Band to The Beatles, Dan Penn to Todd Rundgren and from Gerry Marsden to Billy Preston, Ed and the boys share some of their soul through a musical homage to their roots. Ladies and Gentlemen: Vinyl Covers!

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"On its third and finest album, Vinyl Shockley has successfully pulled off a retro balancing act that very few acts have been able to achieve (with the noticeable exceptions of Joss Stone, Lenny Kravitz and the Black Crowes): writing fresh new songs and adding crisp, live-in-the-studio production to revisit the '60s and '70s without living there. Wilco meets Al Green meets Steely Dan."

Roger Hillis @ Gannet News Service

Vinyl’s latest offering celebrates the times, people, and places of his hopeful life.  It sounds and feels like a spirited American cook-out where old friends keep singing and playing with hearts wide open – and everyone is sharing their favorite dish.

Bill Rawlins @ Ohio University
 "Eddie Shockley don't need to get no better so how come he do" ? Fredman said employing all the munitions of his erudition. (Dave Frederick is an award winning sports journalist,short story writer and raconteur of the highest intellect. He has been an avid fan of the Vinyl Shockley group ever since they first convened and allowed him to order drinks off their bar tab. He more than any Lewes Aristocrat hopes the group continues to elevate their game and that they just "Keep Singing".)

Vinyl Shockley's best work yet !
Bob Hinkle @ Healing Rain Records

Ed, you son of a bitch, I'm riding down 2nd Avenue with tears running down my face listening to your new CD, you monkey you.  I'm going home to "claim what I already own".
Guitarist, singer, songwriter and restauranteur
David Leonard

"First rate R & B with a Stax/Volt twist."

Glenn Morrow @ Bar None Records

"Wild Hair is a labor of love that treats listeners to an intriguing selection of songs ranging from slow, bluesy burns to some cool, groovin' struts. Ed Shockley is singing better than ever, and this new CD presents a rich showcase of his distinctive voice. This is saucy, soulful music.".

Bill Rawlins @ Purdue University
"Congolium Shockley is soul on a long hard roll! Eddie doesn't need to get any better! Like the steady turtle bellowed after an abrupt stop I think I got a Wild Hair up my butt! 'Wild Hair' makes me forget I'm so white! It is North Philly Cadillac Bar nineteen sixties Fat's Domino Walking to New Orleans original. Push play and feel the love! Close the door if you're alone!"

Dave Fredricks @ Cape Gazette

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"If you're like me, you've realized by now that adulthood is time consuming and that it's cares and joys can tug at your heart. You probably prefer honest music that soothes your soul, yet also makes you want to dance. You've heard this man's pensive smiling voice before and you've felt the pulse of his drumming. Take the time to enjoy the CD and share it with your friends ."

Bill Rawlins @ Purdue University
"Shockley sounds like a young Van Morrison."

Joe Szcechowski @ Gannett News Service

"With roots in the Band, Hall & Oates, Springsteen and Willie DeVille, how could I not love this? Forget the blow by blow account of the music on this cd, you have got to get out and see and hear vinyl shockley."

Jim Rezac @ Dover Post

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